Custom Orders

Custom Orders are Welcomed

First Things, First!

(1) Quick 15 minute consultant about your design specifics. This can happen over email or by phone. Be prepared to discuss the following: 

  • Size (Custom shapes are not allowed)
  • Quantity (The minimum order quantity is 30) 
  • Date Needed 
  • Shipping Fees + Location
  • Pricing (invoices will be delivered via PayPal. 

Ready to Order: 

(2) Submission of custom design. We can draw the design or you can submit your desired design. Digital artwork with pantone colors can be provided within 24-48 hours. Changes to the artwork can only be made three (3) times so we aim to get it right on the first run. Payment will be due after this step. 

(3) The production time is 2-3 weeks after art approval and the shipping time is 2-4 days. We normally ship with FedEx as the carrier, but this can/may change.

Receiving Your Order: 

(4)  All orders are shipped directly to the recipient. We do not provide shipping to a 3rd party or some party outside of the original custom. If you are local to the NJ/NY area then delivery can be arranged as a small fee.  

Payment for Your Order: 

(5) All payment is due immediately after you have finalized your custom design for submission. Invoices will be delivered via PayPal, however we accept cash, PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin, and ETH.